Thank you for your interest in having your very own Forbidden Figurines custom! We are all booked up right now, but will be taking commissions again soon! 

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At Forbidden Figurines, our commission rates scale based on a variety of factors including complexity, scope, and creative design like custom 3-D sculpting and fabrication. Projects are initiated only based on mutual acceptance and understanding of the commissionable request. We take pride in our work and only agree to larger scale projects that both our team and our clients can get mutually excited about! We aren’t typically the right fit for small scale repaints such as trunks, boots, or other similar requests.

Below is a generalized pricing guide. However, each customization requires varying amounts of time and effort to complete, so keep in mind that these are not concrete quote prices. More complex requests are generally more expensive. For example, custom figure clothing is likely to increase cost substantially.

Custom figure repaint - $120+

Customizations that require 3-D sculpting and fabrication - $180+


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