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My desire to drop some WE this week did not coorelate with the fact that my kid has a spring break. I guess i will have to reschedule for next week. Nothing too exciting, couple double plared WE from leftover plates and some all gold classic WE. Hopefully that will fullfill recent requests for WE at least partially. Next Thing would probably some IC, but I haven't worked on a strap design yet.

Recently, one of the customers mentioned that belts started looking CHEAP (referring to a purchased set of trios), idk if thats because i made them thinner and without stitching, but I highly disagree personally. He was unfortunate to get a set a trios where main plates fell off and said that quality of belts went down. While GLUE issue was completely my fault (because i started using different, less toxic glue that didn't leave all my 5 fingers stuck together in a cluster at the end of a day, i wasnt very familliar that new glue has very small "workable time" window and while it appears sticky it doesnt bond to a strap completely), i think new straps are much cooler and more approporiate for 1:12 figure scale. Regardless, getting a 120$ set of belts where main plate fell off right after getteing a package is rather a disappointing experience, i get it. Issue was solved, replacement set was sent.

I had to move away from stitched belts for 2 reasons. 1st was my health. Sitting down for days stitching same ass stencil (and then cutting it out) really didnt help my carpal tunnel or my back or my vision. It was painful and exhausting. Second reason was general aesthetic. My goal is to make them as unique and as "simulated" to original version as i can. I really like the new "LOOK" personally and it opens more possibilieties for adjusting the design.

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