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Winter was such a tough time for me for some reason. Mostly because I apparently very bad at dodging germs. I just recently got a CoVid again and some other "good stuff" that came with it. But projects needed to be done, couple commissions (that I took before year ended from very good old clients) needed to be finished. That's why I also think I've not been feeling physically well for so long, because I never actually gave myself time to fully recover. I'm always doing something.

I've started an "ARENA" diorama project and it takes my mind into a good place because it's fun to make, so once I have more stuff to show I probably would start showing progress here.

Just yesterday I have finished WF Silver Tags and Double Plated Winged eagles that are gonna be available in the store as of today. Winged Eagles started as a client commission and then I've made too many, as usual, so we decided to bring it back in a limited batch with special HULK HOGAN 6th plate. That's not something I would like to do again, because its a pain in the ass to paint but as a variety show would work for now.

But I didn't just want to WE back as it was. I was fortunate enough to make a 1/6 scale commission for another client earlier, so I challenged myself to improve existing 3D model that I had. That's where twisted side bars appeared and I actually sculpted wrestlers on a main plate as well.

So in the nearest future I'm planning to remake some of the older belts I used to sell.

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