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Fell off the end of the Earth

I'll start with an apology for a lack of updates. Primary reason is that I've been moving to a different state with my daughter for good. That takes a lot of time, apparently. I figured out that moving in your 20's and moving in your mid 30's is very different. Just observing how much stuff I've accumulated over past 13 years living in NY is a little terrifying.

Anyway, back to business. All WF ICs are going to UPS today and heading out to Ryan. 4th of July holiday week and not being able to find anything in the moving boxes delayed the shipping, but also did a technical issue. I simply couldn't dry transparent protective glaze in pretty much 100% humidity. Its been pouring in RI with crazy heat. Belts were ready to go right by the end of June, and after sitting in crazy humidity for a day it was just refusing to dry, so I decided to give it some extra time too. So it should start shipping out next weekend.

As it comes to WCW TV title, i will be opening a pre order for August this weekend. I didnt want to do it earlier because i just had too much on my plate again and i wanted to get WF IC out of my way first. It looks like we got nice group of people for this August pre order based on INSTAGRAM poll i did.

All parts for Winged Birds are printed too so i can get on painting those. I already started printing WCW TV as well.



Would you consider making a old school NWA U.S. title belt like the one Magnum TA held


Love the new system where you open up preorders. Gives us collectors a chance at owning a piece of art and also gives you ample time to catch up and not be overwhelmed with orders. Btw do you know if you will be doing the attitude era or WCW US title again?


Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to get the IC belt. Looking forward to future releases. Will all future belts be on the smaller strap? They seem to fit the Mattel’s way better. Love your work.

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