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Straight from the Source

Forbidden Figurines has become my go to for all things custom figure related. Whether its head cast or custom title belts. Her work is always thorough, detailed and never disappoints. Truly next level. If you are looking for quality customs to enhance your collection Forbidden Figurines is the place to go.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with FF for three months now. I have a large collection of probably over 500 WWE Elite Figurines. My favorite accessories are championship belts. My favorite type of figure is the one offs or more obscure wrestlers that have great deco and thought put into it. I love JTG and Aleister Black’s figures because of the detail that went into them. FF makes belts that are better than Mattel. She makes belts that incredibly detailed, well made, and accurate. I have had many custom belts and Mattel belts in my hands and Forbidden Figurines belts are the best out of all of them. The belts fit perfectly into my figure federations and on current Mattel figures. I own ever belt that has been released by FF thus far. She also has made me two custom figures. I have been lucky enough that she had the availability to fit me in her tight schedule. Out of the over 500 figures I own, The Barbarian and Tiger Mask II, both made by Forbidden Figurines, are my two favorite. The amount of work that goes into each figure is unrivaled and the end result is unmatched. The figures are art. They deserve to be in a museum. If Forbidden Figurines has availability in her schedule to make you a custom, run, don’t walk to get on the schedule. You will not regret it!

The attention to detail that FF adds to every piece she creates is what makes her genuinely one of the best customisers on the planet. I've bought quite a few things from the store now (Inc heads, belts and even a custom figure) and I have been blown away by the quality of work every time.

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